Posted by: fknochenhauer | January 23, 2010

The Speed of Life

I’m the father of two great sons, now 12 and 16.  They were born in ‘97 and ‘93 which seems like yesterday.  I was born in ‘60, which seems like a long time ago…to some, but not to others.  I mean, my mom and dad were born in ‘27.  Both were  teenagers during World War II.  My dad enlisted April, ‘45, just months before the Japanese surrendered.  To me, that’s a long time ago.  In the cosmic time line of life, it’s merely a blink of an eye.

Yet, I grew up in a slower, less complicated time.   Despite the Vietnam Era, Generation Gap, hippie movement, Summer of Love and all the other 60’s things, childhood seemed very one dimensional, very single-minded in fact.  I was the sixth of eight children, five boys and three girls.  My parents had six kids in eight years in the 50’s.  Then, when I was five, my twin sisters were born.  Our household was busy, indeed.

My dad worked for the federal government.

Posted by: fknochenhauer | January 23, 2010

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